Background image option gone!

Where has the option to change background images/colour for boards gone?

Hi @BS_Asana_Beyond_Spee , the backgrounds feature was part of the old legacy Asana UI and as such, these have been gradually deprecated.

You will likely not find them in new Asana accounts or newly created Asana workspaces or organizations.

Do you know if there are any plans to offer alternatives. The current background hurst my eyes!

I don’t work for Asana, who do not publicly disclose their roadmap. But I personally doubt there will be any development to backgrounds since Boards is the only place where they appear. And using a background for boards always hurt my eyes!

Have you tried applying the dark mode theme? (Settings>Display>Theme). I find that alot easier on the eyes, especially in the evenings.


Hi @BS_Asana_Beyond_Spee ,

I agree with @Richard_Sather 's suggestion on using the Dark theme, it’s the simplest way to go.

Otherwise, may I suggest using an Extension (Chrome browser) to turn all websites into Dark theme. I personally use Dark Reader and it’s pretty handy!



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