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I currently have an Asana form I created with multiple questions. For one specific question, I have a drop down list of options to choose from e.g.

What city are you in?
New York

Based on the answer given in this question, can I automatically add a unique person as a collaborator? For example London = Person A, Paris = Person B, New York = Person C.

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Γεια σου @anon88763757 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes you can use a custom rule to do this but this is available on the Business Plan and above.
From the Triggers list select your dropdown field. Then from the Actions list, select Collaborators so it would look something like this:

You would need to create a rule for each city to add the relevant member as a collaborator.
:bulb: If you want to assign instead of adding collaborators, you can repeat all the above by using the ‘Assignee’ trigger instead of ‘Collaborators’.

Hope this helps :wink: