Allowing users to select collaborators in a form, so it automatically adds them to the task


This is my first post in the Asana forum, so please let me know if this should go somewhere else. Our IT team uses an Asana form for our end users to create tickets if they have issues.

One of the features of the form is to select an option if someone new is hired, or if there is a termination. When they click that option, we want them to be able to select who the employee’s supervisor would be.

Rather than type it in, they would click their name (if they’re an Asana user) and it would automatically add the supervisor to the task as a collaborator when the form is submitted. Is this possible? If so, how would you go about doing it? I think I just need to figure out a way to add the Asana member’s list to the form.

Thank you!

Hi @Kamar_Daniel – welcome to the forum!

You can do this using the single select custom field and rules. You would create a single select field called “Supervisors”, add their names to the field, and then link the field to the form. You can then create a rule that says when Supervisor A is selected add Supervisor A as a collaborator.

The reason for using the single select field here is that the people field is not currently available in forms. Also you can not restrict the selections allowed in the people field, therefore all individuals would be available to select if you used this field.



Thank you!!

I tested it out for one supervisor and that worked.

I would need to create separate rules for each supervisor, correct?