Automation Rules Organization Format/Screen

One critical piece to add as I try my hand at rule automation is organization. It is impossible really with more than few rules to have these rules easily organized. I have to click into each one to see what they are. Rather than a list of rules on the Customize page, I would like to see a button called “Rules” that leads to a popout page for all the rules (sortable of course). This is much better than trying to scroll down the tiny sidebar on any Project Board to view cluttered rules.

Hi @Brock_Taylor,

If I could suggest, it would be best to post these as 3 separate threads so each can be voted on, tracked, etc. It’s more difficult to manage and navigate for people when there are multiple suggestions in a post.

(FYI I like all of yours and would vote for all 3 of them!)

You have my vote!

Thanks! I cleaned up my verbiage to just request that a "Rules: popout page be created to sort rules in lieu of getting rid of the list of the rules on the tiny “customize” sidebar.

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