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I have been tasked to find a way of automating meetings with Asana.

What I am trying to achieve is to create a monthly meeting review. We will have X amount of tasks which can be assigned to one or multiple persons. Then I want the ability to create the meeting minutes e.g using WebMerge to create a word doc / pdf that is emailed out to various people.

Would it be best practice to e.g to create a review meeting project template and then create each monthly meeting as a new project based on that review meeting project template ?

Appreciate your thoughts Asana geeks !

A few questions… what is best practice

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Your intuition is correct! And you can use to export the project for example if all the participants are not in Asana! Maybe @Mark_Hudson has a better idea!

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Hey Mark.

We use Asana for our monthly meetings but we do it all in one project. We have a ‘Standing agenda items’ section at the top, then a section for each month where people can add their new items. At the bottom of the project we have a ‘Notes’ section, where each task is titled with the date of the meeting, and the notes are typed into the task’s description. We also use a RAG rating system to categorise the items:

Red = Urgent
Amber = Important but could wait
Green = Nice to know

I should say, our meetings are fairly light, because we tend to manage most of our work through separate subteams. If you were having quite big monthly meetings with a long list of actions, you might be better off having a new project for each month, created from a template.

@Bastien_Siebman’s three dots is a great solution and works really well, especially if you’re typing the notes into a task’s description.

It’s just a case of trying out a few different approaches and seeing what works.

You should post back here when you’ve decided on the model you want to go for. I’d be interested to see what you come up with.


Would you be willing to share a screenshot of you meeting minutes setup?

Are you generating meeting minutes manually or with an automated process like Hyperia or Otter? We’re using them to make minutes that we’ll then edit and paste back into Asana. It would be nice it the posting part was automatic but the automation part on creation is at least saving a bunch of time on the minutes creation part of things