Schedule meeting feature

I absolutely love how Asana looks, feels, and the general intelligence in the way these tools have been designed.

This could really be my one-stop shop for my entire team with one massive exception: meetings. I don’t think anybody particularly likes meetings, but they’re a fact of life. But, they’re not really a task and they’re not really designed to be integrated (as far as I can tell) into Asana.

You can kinda sorta cheat, to get there (again, from what I can tell, maybe someone can explain to me I’m just being an idiot and what I need to change), but it’s not robust in a way I’d like to see.

The way I like to organize things is to have “static” and “variable” task times and meetings. It’s baffling to me no time management system has ever seemingly implemented a feature set like this. Very simply, I have meetings that are from X time to Y time on Z day, and they must fit within that window. I have other tasks and projects of varying degrees of importance that can be done at any time. Give me a daily agenda accounting for those two types of work.

I use an assortment of zapier and commands to get the same result with my google calendar, but it’d be so awesome to see it fully implemented and integrated into Asana. I wouldn’t even hesitate moving my team solely onto Asana. As it is now, it’s an excellent tasks manager, but with a couple tweaks it could be everything.

Am I missing something? Does this kind of feature set exist on Asana and I’m just not seeing it?

Hi @Matthew_Paul,

Asana can certainly be used to organise for meetings, but not in the capacity you’re looking for I believe. I’m adding some resources below on what’s available and moving your post to the #productfeedback so other community folks can support your request!

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