Automatically update date field when tasks move onto next section

Hi there! So for my workflow, I have many sections representing stages of our services, and it is crucial for us to know the length of each section. I know by using a custom field I could record these dates manually, but is there a method to automatically update this information to the custom field when moving into the next section, or at least could I record the data when I export the CSV?

I am currently in the trial period of the business plan and I intend to switch to the organization. Thank you upfront!

Hello @Zhikang_Dong,

Have you tried using a custom rule? You might try creating a customer rule that has a trigger of Task Moved to a Section (specify the section), and a action of Set due date (specify how many days in the future you want it set to).

I apologize that I cannot upload an example. Our network is locked down.

Welcome, @Zhikang_Dong,

As @Daniel04 mentions, you can write a rule triggered by Task moved to a section to set the Due date relatively as the action of the rule.


This feature is rolling out currently and you should see it in your organization soon if not already. It allows you to use Project Dashboard or Universal Reporting charts to see time spent in section (or custom field):

Hope that helps,