Automatic update of due date when moving to certain sections


I would like to suggest that due dates are automatically updated when tasks are moved to certain sections, as predetermined. For example, if I were to move “Task A” to “Do Next week”, then assuming it doesn’t already have a due date during the next week, the due date will automatically change to the beginning of the next week.
This will allow using board view of tasks to reprioritize and visually focus by due date.

I hope this suggestion is helpful.

Hey @Roey_Kostika, when you set up project templates it does allow you to skip weekend for relative due dates.

Now with Flowsana you can skip weekends also.

This feedback request thread might be interesting as well.

And check this.

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You could do something like this

Yeah though then he cannot set it up for the task to be due on a specific day.

Indeed an interesting suggestion which could be useful. As Andrea mentioned this would mean due dates will change relative to the day they were moved and not keep a specific due date. Thanks for the workaround and hopefully the remaining issue can be addressed.

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