Automatically archive "Done" tasks that are older than 30 days

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a way to automatically archieve “Done” tasks that are older than 30 days either by using Asana custom rules or Zapier.
Anyone had any luck with it?


Hi @Ramya_Venkateswaran and welcome to our Community Forum!

Tasks can’t technically be archived in Asana (although there are some workarounds available Archiving tasks - hack), but I don’t believe custom Rules can allow you to move a task based on how old the said task is!

@abass, @Bastien_Siebman, @lpb, @lpb, any idea if this possible with Zapier?

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@Marie, I don’t think so, because Zapier works with triggers and in this case you couldn’t use the “Done” trigger because it has to age first, and then there’s no trigger to use (to my knowledge).

@Ramya_Venkateswaran You could have a saved Search Report in Asana to show Completed Between [any very old date] and [date that’s 30 days ago] and then “archive” but what do you mean by archive, and by “Done” do you mean “marked complete?” You’d then multi-select and do whatever your “archive” action is manually. And you’d have to change the dates each time you run this (perhaps weekly or monthly) because Asana search dialog doesn’t provide very helpful options here (see many other requests).



Why not use the Zapier Trigger “Completed Task” , add a Zapier time delay of 30days, and then use the Zapier Asana action “Add Task to Section Of Project in Asana” to move that task after 30 days have elapsed?

You would create a new Asana project called “Archived Tasks” and you would use this in the last step of the above Zap.

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@john17, How would you account for a potential change in the task’s status during the 30-day delay? I think this could be risky/messy, no?



Hard to say without knowing the OP’s workflow process. Also, I think any sort of automation can get messy without the right kind of controls.

But, after the 30 day delay, you can use the Zapier find task in Asana search, then the Zapier “Only Continue if…” filter to see if the task is still marked as completed before moving it to the Archive Project.

Granted, If the 30 day delay needs to start over if the task is changed from completed to incomplete and then back to completed it will get more difficult.


However I could build a simple tool that would allow you to choose projects, and then the tool would automatically complete tasks based on certain criteria…

Dear john17, lpb, Marie and Bastien_Siebman,
(unable to tag you because I am a new user)
Thank you very much for your suggestions and quick replies! For now the delay is the solution that I have adopted till I can find a better solution
@Bastien_Siebman, what tool are you talking about, is this in Asana itself?

Thanks again


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No it would be an outside tool, like the ones I have on

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