Automated emails using Asana apps?

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My team and I are trying to find a way to send automated emails through Asana. I noticed there are apps you can add to the program such as Gmail and Slack. Has anyone had success integrating automated email responses from Asana through Gmail? Or had to find another app/solution?

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Hello @Madeline_Rone,

yes I have done this before.

I had some scheduled emails in gmail and had an inbox filter set up so specific emails were automatically forwarded in the relevant Asana project as you can see here: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana

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So, it’s more like we want an automated response to be sent to people who email us. The emails are already set to be forwarded to Asana, but we want to have an automated email response that will be sent back to people who message us

Hey @Madeline_Rone how about still having the automation to set up tasks in Asana for you to action things and you can also set up an automated message in Gmail directly?

Here is a great explanation on how to set up automatic email responses based on filters set: How to Create an Auto Reply in Gmail + Examples for 2021 (See from How to Set-up Auto Reply in Gmail)

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