Auto add tasks to projects (but stay active?)

I’m trying to create a way that a task can simultaneously/actively change on two projects. Meaning, I have a “parent” roadmap that has everything we’re working on. Rather than constantly filtering, I want to create “child projects” for each functional area we have (ops, product, marketing, sales, and accounts).

I know you can manually do this by adding a project and then selecting what section to put in - but can I automate this?

Meaning I create a new task on the operations page in the “backlog” then have it automatically added to the parent roadmap (this is possible - I have done it). However, can I automate as I move that task between different sections (i.e. backlog, in queue, in progress, completed)

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense…

Hi @Bud_Ross, thanks for reaching out!

You can achieve this using Rules. For a Rule to work, you need a trigger that activates the Rule and an action that is performed automatically. For example a Rule can be to automatically assign a task (action) when a due date is set (trigger), or move the tasks to another section when a specific custom field is selected.

You can also create a rule to automatically add new tasks added to the project to the backlog section.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.