Assign Taskt for Member Team

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When I will change the Assignee, show 5 members, but the team have only 3 members.
Steps to reproduce:
I add one person on my team, but I had difficult, I tried with three different emails, only one worked and signed as team. But show me the other two emails yet on Assignee. How clear?
Browser version:
Opera 60.0.3255.79
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Hi @Herbert,

Thanks for sharing your report with us.

This is actually expected behavior. When assigning tasks, all Organization members will appear in the typeahead and not only the team members.

Per your description, it sounds like you tried to invite the same person multiple times to your team and sent invites to 3 different email addresses. In case you do not need 2 of the 3 email addresses to be members in your team, you can remove them from your Organization following instructions from this guide article.

Hope this information helps Herbert, but feel free to let us know if you run into issues.


Hi Barbara, thanks for the feedback, I understanded the concept. :slight_smile:
But on the team members, show 3 persons (it´s correct).
Image of team members: asana2
But on assignee show 5 persons. I sent 3 different emails because person invited doesn’t received the email invite, and I tried with emails variations (alias).

(Team settings) I invited again the two variations emails -> Clicked “Cancel Invite” -> Remove Access -> Deprovision = “anny was removed from the org.”
Now, show only 3 members on assignee. \o/


Well played @Herbert :raised_hands:t3:

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