Assign multiple assignees on one task

I understand why and agree, everyone should have their own task so they know it their to do. However, this creates some challenging work around for streamlining comments across the team. The work around is essentially a parent task with sub-tasks that says review and comment on parent task. Training nightmare, it’s not intuitive.

I believe you could assign multiple users to a task and allow for each to complete the task individually thus making it possible to have a single location for comments and feedback on the task or related documents. This way the task would show on each person’s task list and it wouldn’t be marked completed unless all people complete the task OR someone completes for all. The complexity here seems more likely why it isn’t being done.

Still using the work around for my team, but I have yet to have a client want to adopt such a PITA process.

@natalie.bergsma I’m not sure what the right solution would be, and I understand the struggle in this. I’m thinking maybe a feature/rule that adds subtask comments to the parent task?

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I think 90% of the people who want multiple assignees for tasks would be satisfied if the different project views could be filtered by collaborator. I would like to see the tasks on which I’m collaborating where they are on the board, not just in a search list.

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Broadly agree with @Andrew_Pegram on this; I’d add that it would be great if this same general logic could be brought to My Tasks (or a new, similar product area), where you’d have the ability to see all tasks you’re a collaborator on in a view (I know this is accomplishable in a search, but you lose the sorting/manipulation that makes My Tasks so useful).

I mean,
the reasons explained there don’t satisfy my use case… And I see really no reason not to leave this decision (one assignee or multiple assignees?) to the user.

I’d love to be able to downvote this feature request. Not that I think Asana would seriously consider changing this, but having one assignee per task is a huge part of what makes Asana so useful. This drove me absolutely insane when I worked on a project that used Trello - there was no sense of who owned the task, so tasks would sit in limbo and/or you’d have to read through to comments to tell whose court it was in. Not to mention that fully adopting and optimizing My Tasks has been a gamechanger in my own workflow, which would be completely upended by having that view polluted with multi-assignee tasks. The use cases I see described above would be better solved with alternate strategies (e.g. subtasks copied to each user, which is a strategy I use frequently for example if a spec or feature needs review or testing by multiple people) or tools (e.g. a calendar, if the “task” is more of a calendar note without a discrete action to be taken). Thank you, Asana team, for sticking to the one assignee per task design.

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Just bringing this back to the top-- is there a world where a task can opt into this UI? To make the tasks assigned to an individual stay as is but to allow a more branched UI that opens up a collaboration efforts if it is needed for a specific project. We are starting to build out a lot of templates and finding ourselves often saying “I wish we could assign 2 people to this!”, especially when some management members are still not using asana so subtasks can get roadblocked.