Assign multiple assignees on one task

What I get is that Asana does not care about user suggestion, the most upvoted requested feature constantly ignored imposing a narrow point of view…


I think Asana should allow multiple Assignee’s to a task.

Sometimes the task is meant for a full team.

And not just the ability to add Collaborators.


They just released assign copies, but as I’m using it it just makes a copy so multiple people don’t put notes regarding a task on the same item. I’ll end up using a work around where duplicates of a task are a subtask of a parent task. We trained the team to comment and attach things to parent tasks.


Assign Duplicates has been in Asana for several years.

I agree that subtasks are the way to go with Assign Duplicates and have promoted it in numerous posts, like this:

And even in a few posts here in this incredibly long thread, like:

Before generating the duplicates, it can help to include something like “[comment in parent task only]” or similar, as you’re perhaps already doing.



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We are needing this as well. As a work around I created 2 subtasks and assigned each subtask to each person. When they are looking in Mytask, it puts it all the way at the bottom under No Project. They didn’t even realize it had been assigned to them. The parent task has a project and tags but theirs doesn’t. Any advice?

Tab+P (or Add to project in the “…” menu) for the subtask will add it to a project.



what if the task does not have a subtask to assign, but the main tasks are being done by the same persons ?

Welcome, @Scherrie_Griffin,

You could add more people to the main task as Collaborators so they have visibility of the task but they won’t clearly be accountable nor will the task appear in their My Tasks. That’s why adding subtasks and making them assignees is a recommended workaround.

Hi there, I just tried using the Multiple Assignee function today and realized that all it does it create separate disconnected tasks for each person that do not talk to the original task. None of the comments or attachments carried over and when someone comments on their own task, it doesn’t show up in the main task. So, technically it’s not really a shared Multiple person task, which is what I need. Is there a way to truly have multiple assignees actually working from the same task and all of their comments will show if they mark up their own task?

We have a situation where having multiple assignees would be very helpful.

When we send email drafts around to our Marketing team, we don’t need EVERYONE to review the draft, but we want at least TWO people to review. When it comes to setting up an email task template with dependencies, right now we have to set up 5 review tasks, assigned to each of the team, but not everyone will actually review, so the dependency causes the next task to hang until all of those review tasks are completed.

It would be awesome to be able to create 2 review tasks, assign each of them to the whole team, and then whoever gets to it checks the tasks off so that the work can move forward after those two reviews are done.

I know this is a small thing, but it would be nice to have the option to use multiple assignees this way.

We also want the ability to assign multiple team members to the same task.

There are cases when adding more than one person to a task as assignee would be very helpful - I would like 2 employees to be able to see the same task in their task list for the day.
Is this possible to do?

Welcome, @Laura_Lever,

It’s possible only with workarounds, like creating a follow-up task (Shift-Tab-F) or assigning one or more subtasks of a main task with the main content of the task.



There is now multiple assignees, but it just duplicates the task which is not ideal because then comments related to that task aren’t on the same thread. Really wish they would just allow for multiple assignees.

@natalie.bergsma yes. The reason for this is that this is intended to assign multiple instances of the same task to multiple people. For example: “fill in holiday preference”, which you can then assign as separate tasks to a whole team.

The “multiple assignees” on one task is just not going to happen, the reason has been explained here: Why one assignee?

And although there are a lot of votes for this feature, I think the lack of this feature is an important reason a lot of us chose Asana.

If I could vote against this feature request I would.

What about assigning a task to a job role, rather than a specific person? I’m thinking of when we farm something out to a freelancer who’s not even in Asana. Can we just have “Designer” assigned?

Asana disregarding this enhancement request for 7+ years is super disappointing. I am using Asana at a new organization, coming from one that used Workfront… Having multiple assignees on a task is not difficult or problematic, because Workfront figured it out at least a decade ago.

I have tasks that need more than one assignee. Not collaborators, not a separate project for a picklist/backlog, not sub-tasks for each assignee, not assigning to teams (although that should be possible as well), not copied/duplicate tasks, not a follow-up task… I just need one task assigned to more than one person.

You can do this in project templates, which you then fill when using the template.

Awesome! Where do you set up job roles? I couldn’t find mention of it in the documentation. I’m sure I just missed it.

Here is the relevant documentation:

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