Assign multiple assignees on one task

Just chiming in to say I too think this feature is necessary in hopes that one day Asana makes the leap and upgrades it. It’s incredibly frustrating not having the option to put two equal contributors on a task, it makes it feel like I’m picking/discriminating one over the other in some cases.


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I found a workaround for this situation! Create blank subtasks and assign them to each person with the task’s deadline. Note that the original task must be attached to a project or the task will show up blank to everyone sub-tasked. Hope this helps someone else out there!!

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1000% agree on all the above. We need multiple assignees as an option in asana to continue using it. It’s frustrating that this is a feature still missing from the software. As companies scale up more tasks require multiple people and collaboration on tasks are a must. The collaborator option is not enough. We also need to be able to view their workloads and if they are not “assigned” it wont show up on a report for them as a task if they’re just noted as a collaborator. Wrike has been able to solve for this especially with user friendly dashboard feature viewing workload. Ideally asana could create something similar.


This simple feature is discussed by the comunity for 3.5 years. It got 1354 votes but still ignored by the developers of Asana. Why is this happening!?

I am a new Asana customer. I was looking thru the forum today, and I see many threads last for years without any effect. I wonder why depelopers are so reluctant to add new features to Asana?

Agreed we need this feature. I have an accounting firm and we run payroll for clients. Several people within my organization have the skills to process the payroll, so it doesn’t matter who does it. It just needs to be done on a certain day so the paychecks are processed on time. I would like to be able to assign a recurring task to several people, and when one of them does it then it would be marked as complete. Regardless, I would like to include myself as an assignee on these types of very time-sensitive tasks so in a worst-case scenario I can see it needs to be done in my task list and do it myself if necessary.

Adding my frustration with the lack of this feature!! After 4 years worth of comments!!

Another vote for this feature - what a waste of time the workarounds are when it could be so easy. We have lots of tasks where there are several people responsible for doing a certain thing.

Here is a simple and I guess very common task which absolutly needs this feature: Calling back a missed call on our central phone number. As this is time critical I want this to appear on (almost) everyone’s “my task” list. So I have to assign (almost) everyone.

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