Assign multiple assignees on one task

So are you guys going to change it or not? Just need to know if we need to find another product or stay. Thank you

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Asana has said in the past that the choice of a single assignee is fundamental to their vision. This is something they haven’t ever expressed interest in changing.

Poor Judgement! Needs to be configurable based on the individual organizational needs.


I often have a list of things that need to be done by a single team, rather than a single person. Having every member of that team be included on that project, and it being able to be marked off by any of them as complete, would be ideal.

There is no team leader for these projects, they all work independently. It’s just a matter of who gets to the task first.


Does it not work for you to make those people Members of that project with the “Tasks Added” Notification turned on? Any task you add there will cause a notification in each of the Asana Inboxes, and email if they prefer. That seems like what you’re describing.


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Please fix this and give us the ability to choose how we operate! It’s more common than not that a task needs to be assigned to multiple users and not just one. I don’t understand the reasoning for this decision at all.

See Why one assignee?

You might not agree but at least you’ll understand their reasoning.

Thanks for sharing! I get their reasoning but couldn’t disagree more with the decision. If that’s how they want to run their products, cool. But why does the everyone else have to confirm to their operating model? Based on the age of this thread, it seems they aren’t listening to users.

And the worst part of the rationale is in this assumption of how people work:

Let’s say there were two assignees on a task, one person may think the other has the ball, and vice versa. The work may never get done, and even worse, the blame game may start. When nobody knows who’s doing what, and when someone doesn’t feel ultimately responsible for driving work forward, the work may not happen at all.

The assumption is that people are not able to communicate. We are in 2021 and many companies are now working Agile or have at least implemented the Daily Standup. This lone warrior attitude is a really outdated concept. And as I said before, we practice Pair Programming or even Mob Programming.

I completely agree with everyone in that this should be a feature so I’m going to try to not repeat what they’ve said. Hopefully I don’t. I do see reasoning behind the design that’s been chosen, but it’s very unintuitive for me and my team and as others have clearly stated, not efficient. I think it could at least be an option for those how may need to use Asana in that way. We’re new to Asana, but are very seriously considering moving to ClickUp (not plugging them, just there for you to reference possible features they have that Asana doesn’t) for this reason alone. Hopefully your team decides to implement this feature sooner than later.


For what it is worth we really need this feature.

Our guys do the same 5 tasks every day so the way I’m setting this up is a section for each day of the week…then a Main task that repeats each day and then subtasks for each person that repeats each day.

Each person will be responsible for their subtask the the team leader will be responsible that they mark it each day and the main task is marked.

It is a needed feature.

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No t a bad idea, given the constrains!
I will try the same.

I’d also like to assign multiple people. There are different use cases:

Ongoing task that is split between a few people, and they arrange between themselves who is doing it on any given day. (And it clutters things up needlessly to create a task for every single day.)

Co-leadership situations - Sometimes you want people to really work as a pair. (Some examples: Copywriter + graphic artist/art director, content + tech lead, UX + graphic design.) These are cases where responsibility is shared.

In many cases it does make sense to have a single responsible person. But in many cases, I think it is a more up to date approach to encourage paired working or self organizing (which happens more informally).

How does this feature not exist? We’ve been asking about it for years and years…they’re not going to add it lmao. Just close this useless thread, it’s just thousands of paying customers complaining about the same thing

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As an organization looking at this product, this has also came up. I find it very upsetting that for over four years there has yet to be any resolution on this matter.

If you want ONE assignee fine, at least allow us to create Task Groups that contains members within, then we can assign that group as the Assignee.

There are many features to like with Asana, but this one… JUST ONE issue will keep my Organization from signing on, leaving us to look elsewhere.

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Yes… I want this

I am new to Asana and maybe i am missing some functionality, but it seems collaborators are worthless in this problem. If I assign someone as a collaborator it does not show up in their “my task” list. If it did, it would solve my issue and maintain a single project owner.


I would love to be able to have “Team Aliases” to assign a task too. These tasks would display in My Tasks for each team member which they could then reassign to themselves as the team works through the team task log.

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You might want to upvote this existing product feedback thread: Assign multiple assignees on one task


I don’t see why you would not see the value in having the ability to assign multiple people to a task. I have a pretty big team and we always have two reps working together if one is out then the other takes over.