Assign multiple assignees on one task

I understand the spirit of the decision, but the effect is pretty annoying for large teams.
We like to track project deadlines as a group. Having to duplicate multiple tasks isn’t an effective solution for large teams.
In addition, sub-tasks aren’t effective because sub-tasks do not list the project their associated in the “My Tasks” page of Asana.

It would be much more reasonable to bring back (since I’ve been using Asana for a long time) the ability to assign multiple users to a single “Milestone” task.

Actually, that is a one interesting idea: Only allow “Milestone” tasks to have multiple users assigned.


I assume Asana has no intentions of changing this since this has been discussed since 2017. I’m here trying to make this work for our team and almost immediately ran into this issue. We collaborate on tasks not just projects so there’s a need for me as the manager of the project to be able to assign multiple people to a task, since they are not working separately but together on the same tasks having multiple instances of the same task is cumbersome and not helpful.

I do not get the opposition to this. If your company doesn’t want to assign more than 1 person to a task then just assign 1 person but those that have use of multiple assignees should have that option. At least be able to add a second column with co-assignee or some other label with additional people.

Is there officially word from Asana that this will never be added? I’m going to keep looking for what’s best for my team but this is a tough one to work around since it’s something that will be involved in every project we have.


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Is it possible to enter an assignment for teams and not for a specific person?


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If you refer to having multiple assignees this is currently not possible.

I recommend upvoting here: Assign multiple assignees on one task

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This is very bad news.

Is there any chance of implementing such an option ?

I see that the request implementation “Assign multiple assignees on one task” was created in 2017…

And until today nothing has changed…

Hello @Sebastian_Mazur, Welcome to the community. You are correct that there is no way to assign one task to many people. And I think Asana will not implement this since it does not contribute to having clarity on who is doing what by when. There is however an option to assign copies of a task to multiple people. With this option you can assign to more than one person or even a team and it will automatically create copies of the task and assign each person a task you can follow up with. Read more here:
How to designate a Task to an Assignee & add Collaborators in Asana | Product guide • Asana.


This is becoming a painful issue that Asana should address soon (it’s almost 2022). If the issue is accountability, then shouldn’t we have a field for an assignee (individual person) and another one for an optional responsible team? That way we could easily delegate this to groups of people and still follow your “design principle”. I hope the next year gives you a better perspective about this issue :slightly_smiling_face:


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Since Asana reasoning assumes people dont communicate when they collaborate on a task so wont budge from their reasoning.
What is the proposed solution for how a project manager should assign and track multiple resources (people) on a task? What is the solution to the fundamental this oversimplification creates when other managers within an organization want to see if and when a resource is available. They cannot do this if the resource is simply a collaborator.

Creating a duplicate of the task for the second person with duplicate collaborators, comment threads and subtask threads. This problem grows in complexity when task teams scale.

Looks like a lot of people have been wanting this for years, and it has the most votes on this forum… please, please, please add this feature!! It can easily be an “opt-in” option so that companies who don’t want it can turn it off. Besides many business uses already posted, I am in business with my husband and we also started using Asana for our daily home life. But this is a roadblock we immediately ran into. There are tasks that either of us can do and it changes often. Having the ability to assign multiple users would make us so much more efficient!!


As I managed marketing tasks, we have times where a writer, a designer and a strategist are all working on the same projects via subtasks, but the project manager doesn’t see that at one glance unless she opens the main tasks first. If there was a way to tag multiple owners to the task, the project manager could save so much time. Please allows this to happen?

Since my post about my opinion on why asana will not dev this issue was removed can someone from asana please explain why after all this discourse and frustration, they havent re-addressed this feature?

Outside of assigning subtasks within a task, has anyone figured out how multiple people can be responsible for one thing?

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I recommend upvoting here: Assign multiple assignees on one task

And this is a way to assign task copies: Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana

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@Joy_Ekwueme This is a tricky one that we’ve discussed at our org. Since subtasks can get lost, our best practice is to assign at the Task level instead. We assign single tasks to multiple people in one of two ways: 1) duplicate the task to be able to assign to everyone who needs to complete it or 2) create one task and @ mention everyone on the team who needs to do it with an explicit instruction to comment and/or like when they’ve done so.

Option 1 is preferable when you need clearer visibility on who has done it or not; Option 2 is fine for low stakes tasks (like reviewing an agenda, for example).

Note: My nonprofit org has only been using Asana since August 2021, so I’m sure this will evolve as we get more comfortable with it (and as Asana updates are released)!


Thank you! I was toying with your first option and like your second one! I’ll share this with my team.

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