Assign multiple assignees on one task

Weighing in because I came here searching for a solution to this problem. Using subtasks as a way to assign a single task to multiple people is a workaround we have started incorporating, but this is still not ideal. Subtasks play an important role for many of our team’s tasks, and so I have to choose whether to make use of them as subtasks or sub-assignments. I’d prefer to have both options available, because otherwise things can get messy (i.e., multiple ways of assigning a single task to multiple people = confusing).

As another aside, I don’t mind making copies of tasks, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to link them (unless I’m missing something). Therefore, if I assign one task to 5 people, but later want to make an update to the task description, I’d have to make it individually for each task. This is frustrating, and is a reason I’ve gravitated away from assigning copies (in most cases).

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This is one of the reasons why I use Assign Duplicates in subtasks–because the parent task becomes the sole original and updates can happen with one edit, not an edit per duplicate.

Could you use subtask-sections to allow both regular subtasks and assignment subtasks (within an Assignments subtask-section) to co-exist for a parent task?


We love Asana , but the number one complaint that keeps coming up is not being able to assign multiple people to a task. One of our most common use cases is that we have a list of follow ups between people in a project, and every morning we have to parse the titles of all of the ones scheduled for the current day for the list of names of the people that need to meet, since there can only be one assignee. It’s extremely time consuming and often some important ones are missed. Creating subtasks for each person was even slower and we gave up on that idea.