Assign multiple assignees on one task

Our team could really use the ability to assign more than one person to a task. We run a small business and often have tasks that more than one person needs to be be updated on, or something that falls into the “whichever one of you has time to do this” category. This would helps us SO MUCH!


Adding multiple assignees to a task is ESSENTIAL to me and my team! Very disappointing that Asana has deliberately chosen to leave this feature out. Every team uses Asana differently, give us the option to decide how our workflows function… Will be looking for a different PMS because of this

The more I am trying to understand how I can make a workaround about this the more issues I find. I have created a task and since I cannot assign multiple assignees to a task I have decided to create subtasks to get to the same result. The problem is that people assigned to the subtasks are not displaying all info of the parent task. And if you add the project to the subtask it magically appears in the project list as a task. Why is that?

I’ve just started reviewing Asana for my organisation and all was going really well until I came across the inability to assign more than one person. We are an engineering company doing mostly Field Calls and a reasonable number of them require more than one engineer to attend. Using the duplicate/copy function is way too clunky and clumsy especially when only one of the team need to update the progress of the call out. The lack of multiple assignee is a deal breaker for us so you’ve lost this potential client before we start. BTW - 4 years and all these comments and you still think your world view is all that matters?

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This is a must-have feature for projects that require collaboration.

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Replying more generally, to mention that the changes pushed by Asana in the last 2 months or so seem to have resulted in more new people on the forum than ever before. And most of them are not loving it. I would recommend that Asana track new forum users, especially dissatisfied and/or confused ones, as a metric of customer satisfaction for their internal use. @Rebecca_McGrath @Marie


Asana’s Dev team needs to step up. Your app is in ancient times. How and why people use this app is beyond me. I’m using it because I have no choice.

Coming from this lack of feature makes me just go back.
Why not leave it up to the team admin if multiple assignees should be enabled???!!!

Super frustrated, what a pity…

I’d like to be able to assign a task to more than one person. This could incorporate the use of ‘teams’ in which a number of people are grouped into different teams or just assigned on an individual basis (this would be the better option for us).

Being able to assign a task to more than one person would be really useful for us rather than just having collaborators within the task.

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This is a popular request in the forum! As we do already have an existing thread for this request, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

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