Assign Basics Training to Everyone

I have 27 employees I’d like to assign training tasks to learn Asana. However, I want the tasks to be individual to each person. For example, if Cassandra completed a task, she can hit Complete and it won’t disappear for anyone but her. What’s a good work around for this? Should I make 27 Asana Basics Training projects?

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Welcome, @Megan_VanWaus1,

There are many ways to do this. Here’s one:

Create a Training team with the 27 people as team members.

Make a single task like “Asana Basics Training Tracker” assigned to yourself.

In the Description, describe the exact steps for each person to follow to create their own new project (private or public, as you wish; so others can see their progress or not) from the Asana Basics Training template (or your own custom template) in the Training team.

Then use the following approach to create one subtask of that one above task, perhaps “Complete Asana Basics Training” and follow the approach below to Assign Duplicates to the team which will create 27 subtasks instantly:

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Hello @Megan_VanWaus1 :wave:,

I really like the approach that @lpb suggested but if your use case is relatively simple doesn’t really merit the creation of 27 different projects then you can use a similar approach but using a task template instead.

Essentially you would accomplish this by:

  1. Deciding which existing project you want these tasks to live in or creating a new project for Asana Training Tracking
  2. Inside of the project, create a task that can be used as a template. The tasks should include all of the instructions needed to complete the task. Here is a useful guide on how to create task templates (in case you don’t already know how). Once finished with the task template, save it to your project as a task template.
  3. Add your team members to the project with instructions for them to use the Task Template to create a new task for completing the training and assign it to themselves.

And voila! :tada: , you now have a quick and easy way for your team members to create and track the task for completing the Asana training for themselves! While this can be a useful approach for more simple tasks that only involve maybe a few subtasks to complete it isn’t ideal if the work needing to be accomplished is much more complex and would require using a project. In that case I would use the approach @lpb has laid out above.

I’m sure there are other clever ways to go about this and I hope one of these solutions will be useful for you!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses: :beers: