Ask Me Anything about Asana - Wednesday December 9th

Next Wednesday, I’ll be hosting my very first AMA - Ask Me Anything about Asana!

I’ll be taking questions from the audience. You can ask anything related to Asana: adoption, features, workarounds, productivity, tips, tricks… I have helped almost a hundred clients around the world and replied to more than 4k messages on the official forum, making me the #1 contributor in the world!


Awesome I am sure anyone attending this will get a huge benefit from your Knowledge Bastien…

Any chance you might be recording it?


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I will, it is setup to record by default. Not sure yet if I’ll share it publicly yet tough.

All good @Bastien_Siebman if you do would be very interested in watching…



Hey - I missed your Ask Me Anything event. I’d be interested in seeing the recording if this is possible? David

Here you go

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