AMA - Save the date !

:speech_balloon: ASK ME ANYTHING on #Asana the 27th of September at 08:30am Los Angeles time ! :rocket:

11:30am New York

04:30 London

05:30pm Paris

You are working for a company using Asana? And you have question about Asana in order to improve its use and make your daily working life easier? This is the event you need :wink:

Rules are simple: You ask, I answer ! :boom:

These may be very general questions (for example how to manage and monitor your projects within Asana?) as well as very targeted questions related to your business and a specific issue / problematic (for example how to organize your recruitment process on Asana?).

Keep in mind that your questions today can help other people tomorrow, so go ahead :star_struck: (don’t try to trick me with too hard questions either… :brain: or maybe, why not… I take up the challenge :crazy_face:)

Register using the link below, it’s free, and it allows you not to forget :spiral_calendar:

I expect to see you all, talk to you soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: