Live Q&A Session [EMEA Timezome] - April 29th @ 10am GMT

We know, and love, that you have a lot of questions around Asana! That is why we’ve decided to host a free Live Q&A- EMEA, every two weeks.

Please join your hosts Marco and @Klaudia on the April 29th @ 10 AM (Irish Standard Time), and ask them all of your questions around Asana!

RSVP here!


Thanks for sharing! RSVP! Done!!

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HI. I have registered for the next session but not sure what time it will be in EST. Can you advise? I’m in Canada

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Hi @Merilee_Wright, this live Q&A session will be held @ 10 AM (Irish Standard Time and I believe it’ll be 5 AM in Canada. You can register for a session at 11 AM PST here.

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