Ask for confirmation before creating a project using the 'Projects' field in task details and List view

This is a small nitpick but I wonder how many others are having this problem.

When you update a task Add to Project field, and if you are typing in the name of the project you want it added to but accidently hit enter before you finish typing it creates a project with that name automatically.

E.g I have a Project I add my tasks regularly to called “Graphic Design” and I type “Grao” by accident and hit enter. A project called Grao will be made by accident.

Yes I type fast and should slow down but I feel like there should be a safety message “Are you sure you want to create a new project?” Anyone else?


Upvoting, a confirmation window would be sweet.

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You have my vote too, @Cally_McIntyre ! Indeed, it is far too easy to create a project by accident. :sweat_smile:

I have slightly rephrased your post so that it is more searchable, hope you don’t mind!

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