Asignee now locked out of Tasks

Hi there,

I am a SF and office 365 admin and so far I have needed to assist anyone with Asana(YAY) so I’m not very fluent. I got an automated response from support so I am a tad stuck.

We create a project from a template with each new product. Once created the projects tasks and subtasks are delegated by the relevant department lead. These department leads are all colaborators on the project.

In the past the tasks and subtasks, once delegated to our team members, would be editable and be able to be marked as complete without having the team member as a project member.

The template was updated and now when these tasks and sub tasks are delegated the team member can only mark the task as complete and has no access to the subtasks to complete or reassign.

Is added the team member to the project the only was we can hget back our previous functionality. To be cear they can see the task and sub task, are able to open them but nothing else.

Hi @Patrick_Howard-McAul, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

It seems as though these users might have comment-only access to the project: Comment-only projects • Asana. Could you please check if this is the case?

If not, I’d suggest holding out for our Support team to get back to you, as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community.