Asana upwork integration

Hi community, as an Asana & Upwork user I find myself toggle between tabs for quite some time in my daily routine. I was wondering if I’m the only one or others here have the same challenge of syncing between the platforms. I personally thought of ‘pricing’ every task with it’s corresponding Upwork job post, auto-posting Asana tasks as jobs in Upwork, syncing messages & contracts etc. I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you for your feedback and good question @Daniel_Mor. A warm welcome to the Forum! :+1: You may want to upvote this feature request: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces However, that feature request deals more with multiple Asana workspaces/organizations, and you’re asking about cross-platform syncing between Asana and Upwork. I don’t see an Upwork integration listed yet in Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana or Integrations - Asana Community Forum, but your post is a good start.

Hi all :wave:

I was about to start a topic regarding Upwork+Asana integration… but as far as I can see there’s not much interest :sweat_smile:

I know Upwork is a freelancing platform though Asana refers to companies

Personally, I use Asana as a freelancer and many projects come from Upwork. It’d be nice and convenient to have tasks automatically created and updated on Asana when something happens on Upwork. That something could be an interview, an offer/invitation received, a new contract, a payment etc.

I will make a start and vote… and who knows? Maybe more people will join me :blush:


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