Asana Tasks - unable to input or change Due Date in IE



I’ve reached out 3 times now via Asana support about this issue over the course of 3 weeks and have received no response whatsoever. I’m posting this here in the hopes that doing so will get the issue some attention.

The issue at hand is that despite following all recommendations on the help/support website, I am unable to re-schedule any Task in Asana using the due date selection tool, either while creating a new Task or when updating an existing one. I used to be able to type the date in, despite not being able to click. However, as of today, it defaults to scheduling every task for today, regardless of how many times I try to correct it.

As you might imagine, this effectively renders the task management system of Asana as useless for our office.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Is there some fix for it? I’m using the most up-to-date version of Internet Explorer, and have cleared all caches, etc.

Brandi Hitchew
Mr. Handyman (Owned by Mike McCalley)


EDIT: I just realized I need to modify my original post…I did some more experimenting, and as it turns out, it’s not defaulting Tasks for today, it’s that I was trying to schedule Tasks for tomorrow.

As it turns out, any time I choose (by typing only, not clicking…) a due date for a task, Asana appears to be choosing a date 1 days earlier than the date I type in.

Example: My desired Due Date is 5/16/17
I type in "05/16/17"
Asana schedules the Task’s Due Date for “05/15/2017”

Apparently now I just have to schedule all Due Dates for the day after I actually want to have them scheduled for, and then make sure that Asana’s scheduling glitch is consistent…


Still experiencing the same issue, still have not heard back from Asana customer service/help desk.

Is anyone experiencing anything similar? Does anyone know how to get a response from the Asana Support desk?


Out of curiosity, have you tried checking this behavior on another browser?

Of course, you should be able to use IE for this, but I’d be interested to see if you see similar behavior using anything else.


Yes, I would second that. We’ve had a few users report problems in IE, then they’ve switched to Chrome and the issue is gone. That goes for other sites, too, not just Asana.