Asana Task View - time tracking no longer showing subtasks time

Was recently some change introduced that task view no longer show time of subtasks?

I do believe it was showing subtasks in my tasks like week ago.

Task View Estimated time vs Project Estimated time

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@Adrian3, There’s an A/B test running for some users and your second image shows that you’re randomly in that group. The 7h 30m is the aggregation including subtasks and the 4h 00m is the value you’ve assigned to just the parent task.

The test will end soon, the results will be evaluated, and a decision made about whether/how to implement.




Follow up on this message:

Is there any final conclusion of this after tests?

What is the sub-task limit which allows actual time aggregation for project view?


Is there any way to see subtask hours summed up to the parent task while this test is ongoing? Our team was surprised to see the actual hours missing from the parent task when we began our reporting process this month.