Asana setup: I would like to use Asana for both CRM as well as PM

Hello, I’m looking for some advice on two things please which before I delve too deep into testing, think may not work for me:

I would like to use Asana for both CRM as well as PM. In order to do so, I need to be able to tag at Contact level and at Company level and then on the PM side, this will be at Project level.

Each Project will have 20 or so tasks so I preferably need to have tasks as tasks.

The second thing, I need to do is set up a Project type so that I can report in future on how many Projects were created by Project type in the last quarter. From what I can see I can’t tag the actual Project, I’d have to add a custom field to the high level board in the Portfolios but how do I then report on this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Sarah_Stocks

One question that would assign the community in steering you in the right direction is what type of Asana Account do you have ie. Free, Premium or Business. As there is different functionality available at each of those levels.

Also there may already be some tips in the following category that might help…

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Hi @Jason_Woods

Thanks for your message.

I’m testing Business but if we need to go to Business to get what we need then that’s ok. I want to make sure we’re using the right system so the cost is irrelevant…within reason.

Let me know your thoughts.