Asana SDK v2: Disable Warnings

Hi All,

I am trying to disable Asana API warnings like this:
UserWarning: This request is affected by the “new_user_task_lists” deprecation. Please visit this url for more info: Update on our planned API changes to user task lists (a.k.a. My Tasks)
Adding “new_user_task_lists” to your “Asana-Enable” or “Asana-Disable” header will opt in/out to this deprecation and suppress this warning.

I have found some instruction online using “ApiException” but all the instructions refer to sdk v5.

Does anyone know how to do it in v3?

Thank you in advance

Welcome, @Nicola_Caroli. I’ve moved your request to Developers & API where it will have better visibility for an answer.



Thank you!

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Hi @Nicola_Caroli,

If I’m understanding your question correctly, I think the documentation for disabling warnings is here under " Asana Change Warnings":

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