Asana-Fast-API workspace parameter


I’m trying to use asana-fast-api (v1.1) however I can no longer get all projects from a workspace. I need to remove workspace parameter but then I get all projects across workspaces. Anyone have any pointer? Is this a current issue with the new beta version?

I added this to our new Developer category! I think @Matt_Bramlage will be happy to assist.

Hey there,

I just gave this a shot and it seems OK to me - it is quite a bit later than originally posted. We think it might have been a bug at the point in time you mentioned it that got fixed later.

To reproduce, I tried:

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer $ASANA_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN" \ 
--header "Asana-Fast-Api: true" \ 

and got back 10 results from projects in the workspace I supplied.

Let us know if this didn’t actually test the scenario you were talking about!

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