Asana client libraries are up to date and now show warnings for API deprecations!

Hello all,

Just letting you know that new releases of the client libraries are deployed. This update adds asana-change warning logging. This means the libraries now log any time you make a request and receive an unaccounted for Asana-Change header from Asana.

We chose to do this because we want developers to know if an upcoming deprecation is going to break their code. To learn more about deprecations, you can read about our deprecation framework.

If this is happening to you, and you want to fix it, the readme of each client library explains how to work with/disable this logging and how to add asana-enable or asana-disable headers to your requests.

This deployment also features:

  • gid fields on all client libraries - just in time for the numeric id deprecation
  • Fixes and examples on how to add headers
  • Portfolios
  • Portfolio Memberships
  • Jobs
  • Duplication
  • & more

All libraries are deployed now!