Asana Rule Action - Slack Send Channel Message

When creating a rule in Asana which uses the Action Slack - Send Channel Message, is there a way to reference fields from within the project task into the message? Therefore, I can have the message show as {{Name}} asked for assistance on {{topic}} where Name and Topic are fields within the project task.

Hi @Gary_Greenberg,
I just saw this now. You might have solved this already but I’ll jump in anyway.

If you create a rule in Asana named “Task assigned → Send direct message” and add an assignee to this rule you should see in Slack a message which will have an information with reference fields of a name of a task and an assignee, as well as text with info of a due date, but not info from a text field such as your example of {{topic}}.
What you could do, in case a topic is always the same (which I’m guessing is not) is to write Topic in the “Write a message” box when creating a rule in Asana.

Hope this makes sense. Feel free to let me know if you need some more help.