Asana Release Notes April 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Zendesk integration : Easily create or link Asana tasks from within the Zendesk ticket view, to maintain a continuous link between a task and a ticket for cross-tool visibility. Explore Zendesk + Asana.
  • ISO 27001 : Asana has achieved ISO 27001, an industry-standard certification of our Information Security practices. Learn more about security, trust, and privacy at Asana.
  • Deactivated user management : Remove and view deactivated members, reassign their tasks to someone else immediately, and restore deactivated accounts from the admin console.
  • Rule triggers based on due date : Set up rules that are triggered when a task is overdue or when a due date is approaching. Learn how to use Rules.
  • Comment links : Share a link to a specific task comment, instead of having to share the entire task. Click the drop-down carat next to the “like” button to copy the link to a comment.
  • Filter Goals by open/closed : Filter your team’s goals by open/closed to hide any past goals from view as you make new goals. Learn how to use Goals.
  • View Goals on Android : View, browse, and update the progress of Goals, or create and edit new Goals on Android.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post below! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing Asana Release Notes April 2021!


Cool! I like where the zendesk integration is going.
Anyway to get all new zendesk tickets into Asana and then we can move them between projects?
Guess we could do through Zapier, but it would be nice if we didn’t have to have all the tickets assigned to one user.

Thanks for sharing the update! Love the new rules based on due date functionality!