🚀 Asana Pulse, the Asana reporting revolution

Hi community,

I am so excited to show you our latest product! Asana Pulse is a new product we have been working on for several months now. The goal: go beyond Project dashboards and Universal reporting. We believe Asana built-in reporting capabilities are amazing, and we wanted to go one step further and report on more.

:star2: We report on the unreportable (like how many tasks have too many subtasks, how many projects don’t have dates, how many users don’t have a picture…)

:star2: We compute scores to evaluate your company clarity, your feature usage, your members…

:star2: We warn you when you need to clean up or help users: members with too many overdue tasks, projects without a recent status update, new guests invited…

Check out our website to know more () and make sure to watch our video tour.

What our clients have to say about Pulse:

:studio_microphone: Eli: Asana is the beating heart of our law firm. Asana Pulse serves as a constant reminder to keep my Asana in good health, and alerts me of potential problems, like users with piles of overdue tasks.

:studio_microphone: Bryan: I love Pulse. It fills in the critical gaps that I wish were included for Asana admins natively that are just plain missing in Asana. Getting the teams trained on Asana is one thing, but, supporting ongoing compliance and Asana best practices is quite another.

And you know what’s the best part? There is nothing to install, Pulse works WITHIN Asana!

So are you ready to join the Asana reporting revolution? Email me at bastien@ido-clarity.com

Talk to you soon!


@Bastien_Siebman has demo’ed this to me and I think it’s awesomely useful!

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Thanks Phil :slight_smile: with custom checkup it is now even better. We have more than a dozen search ran by our Pulse every day to check data consistency and warn us of any issue.

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I really need a solution for reporting for Asana Goals does this solve for that?

me too, the goals reporting is non-existent! please help trying to run OKR’s for 250 people with no reporting :frowning:

Asana Pulse would report on inconsistent/partial data for goals, like how many goals without a date for example.

Asana + Pulse by iDO = :rocket:

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