ASANA - Problem with a form

At FICOFI, we have created a form to create IT request (as shown below). This form is only available to FICOFI employee, and they do not need to be equipped of an Asana license. They do not use Asana.
However, since last week, while clickin on the link, they are prompted to create an Asana account…

Could you please let us know how we could use the form without the need of creating an ASANA account ? thank you.

And the message coming just after clicking the link.

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Since you have set the access to the form to the organization only that refers to the Asana organization, meaning whoever is part of your Asana organization.

In order for your team members to access it they will need to be part of the Asana organization.

Or if they do not have an Asana account see

Can you maybe check whether any changes were made there?

Otherwise, you’d have to amend it to “Anybody can access” but then basically anybody with the form link can access it which might not be ideal in your case.


Welcome @Jerome_Bernardeau :wave:

I think Andrea is right, your form permission setthings were likely switched from “Anyone can access” to “Organization only”, which explains why you’re colleagues are prompted to create an Asana account. If you switch this setting back to “Anyone can access”, they will be able to use the form without an Asana account!

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Hello Marie, Andrea, thanks a lot for your help. You were right. This setting was changed !!
Thank you again.