Asana + Outlook Adding collaborators

My team is loving the Asana + Outlook integration. Is there any plan to add in the feature of when a task is created from an email and your fellow Asana org team members are copied on the email to automatically add them as collaborator(s) to the task once created? The old way of forwarding those to a project would do that if that person(s) was cc’d, but I have noticed that it does not do that unless I am missing something?

Hi @Kendra_Roy have moved this to Product Feedback so people have a chance to vote on this suggestion. So add your vote here as well… I think that would be a great piece additional functionality so have also voted for it


I really love this add-in – it’s so much better than sending an e-mail to the x@ address. However, I would love if I could add collaborators from the add-in. That’s a critical part of our work culture, and it doesn’t save much time creating the task in Outlook if I then have to flip over to Asana to add the collaborators.

Thanks for your feedback @Kristen_Sukalac! We already have an existing thread on this topic, so I have merged your post with this main topic. Feel free to add your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button at the top of this page!

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Thanks Marie. I did a keyword search to see if a relevant topic existed, but didn’t find it. Sorry!

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No worries at all! Always happy to help :slight_smile: