Asana one of the first two companies to list on Long-Term Stock Exchange

It’s great to see Asana’s commitment to long-term focus, transparency, governance and other values required to list on the LTSE.

It was Asana’s principles and values, not just their promising product, that made me take a flyer nearly ten years ago when choosing a collaboration tool…and then making Asana consulting be my work focus.

The tip here is: Although our focus is almost exclusively on the product Asana, the company Asana is admirable too.

Bravi, Asana!



I definitely agree @lpb. Asana’s long-term focus is the key why I support them and make it part of my future. (Unveiling the Future of Asana • Asana)


Thanks for your support @lpb and @Paul_Grobler! :slight_smile: Everything we do at Asana is in service of our mission: empowering teams to achieve their own missions! I have seen firsthand how deeply our company values our global community of customers, employees, and partners, and I’m proud that we are taking that to the next level by announcing plans to list on the Long-Term Stock Exchange.