Asana not working on Chrome browser

Hello! I haven’t been able to access Asana on my Macbook Pro for a few days. It seems to hang on the loading screen and none of the projects or tasks are visible. It worked on Incognito for one day only. I checked Safari and it works there, but I like to use Chrome.

I have the latest version of Chrome. I have cleared everything possible in Chrome, including history, cookies, cache, etc. I’m running Mojave v10.14.6 on my Macbook Pro.

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the Forum @Adama_Nesil and sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue!

Thank you for trying to troubleshoot this. By any chance have you
recently installed any extension on Chrome, This might be the reason why your are not able to access Asana for the last days.

If yes, would you mind uninstalling the extension and see if this issue is resolved?

Another recommendation, is trying to re-install Chrome on your computer. I’ve added below the steps to do this for both Mac and Windows:

Uninstall Chrome on Mac:

Re-install Chrome on Mac: Download and install Google Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help

If this doesn’t help, please @mention me, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

Thank you so much for your patience and your cooperation, I look forward to your reply!

Hi @Adama_Nesil!

I just wanted to confirm with you if you were able to resolve this issue or if you need further assistant.

Looking forward to your reply!

Closing this thread as I haven’t heard back from you @Adama_Nesil :slight_smile: Let me know if you need further help with this issue!

Have a great day!