Asana Menu (link to Forms)

I have multiple forms for users to submit requests, instead of sending 5 links, I would like to create a menu with buttons linking to specific forms /projects (embedded links). Is there a way to do this in Asana?

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Welcome, @Steve_Dornblaser,

This isn’t possible in Asana, though you can (as web developer or using a no/low-code tool) either embed the forms themselves or links to the form in a web page.

I’ve moved your post so you can now scroll to the top to vote with the purple Vote button.

I’m not sure if Asana will be able to easily add this because folks would potentially want to create different webpages/groupings of forms, and they’d have to provide that flexibility for such a feature to be useful, whereas other apps could be used instead.



How can I request a new attribute type on a form. Would like to have the ability to add a button to a form with an embedded link to another form (s) or an internal web page.

@Steve_Dornblaser, just add a new request in Product Feedback and vote for it once posted with the purple Vote button at the top.


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