Asana icon meaning

I’m sure this is covered somewhere, but I’ve searched around and can’t find it. Where are the definitions for the project icons? Or is this something I’m just supposed to know? :blush:

Hi @Deb_Gallagher

As in these icons? This is a static list and as of yet cannot be edited.

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Yes, those are the ones. But I don’t need to edit them, I just want to know if they have meanings. They’re quite cryptic!

I don’t think there’s any one “correct” way to use these icons. It’s more about you assigning your own meaning and using them however would benefit you the most. They are really just meant to be something you can use to identify a certain category of projects. Something you can quickly notice when scrolling down a list or viewing projects in a portfolio. Some meanings may seem more implied than others, but you might use the same icons for completely different designations than I would. For instance, you might use the gear icon designate standard operating procedures, whereas I might use it for manufacturing projects . To some the rocket ship could indicate a product launch, whereas I might have a toy company and use it to designate my line of space themed toys.

It’s really just assigning whatever value has meaning to you. Alas, there is no unicorn. There could be so many possibilities! :unicorn:

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Thank you! I thought that might be the case, appreciate your clarifying.

I find those useless. But at the same time I find it extremely useful to use icons to differentiate between projects (and tasks sometimes).

So I use emoji. They’re far more flexible and eye-catching.
Most of my personal project lists (for GTD) have an emoji as the first character.

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Hi @Deb_Gallagher these icons have no functionality in Asana. Their meaning therefore you can give yourself.


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