Asana guest can't access public google drive linked to task


I have a client (guest) who I have assigned a task to with a Google Doc file Synced to the task.

When guest clicks on the Google Doc, he gets a white page saying “Error forbidden”

Changed the guest permissions from comment only to editor and problem persists.

Any way how can resolve this issue?

Image attached:

Hi @Eduardo-Mussali ,

Welcome to the forum! Does anyone else (internal user or guest) have any issues access this or any other Drive file?

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Welcome, @Eduardo-Mussali,

Is there any chance this could help you:



I am facing the same issue with access to Google Drive links only that the links are internal to the company. The documents are still accessible from directly from Google Drive but trying to access them from Asana pops up the “Error Forbidden” message.


No that I’m aware of, looks like the guest is the only one with the issue.

I have the same problem on Microsoft Edge with Google Docs.
Does anyone know any other fixes except switching to another browser or the app?

@Eduardo-Mussali @Codrut - do either of you have admin rights in your Asana instance (or the ear of someone who does)? Perhaps you could try re-authenticating the app. You can also create a support ticket with Asana by following these steps.

Yes I do have admin rights, will create a ticket, thanks!

Hi, a colleague of mine set up a ticket a couple of days ago.
Your development team resolved the issue, and it’s working again.
Thank you!

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