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As of now with my team’s Asana form, the New Request drop down always have a default title of “Work Request submission”. (image attached)

Is there a way for the Asana Form intake title to be a part of the fill-in section when people are submitting new request via Asana Form?

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Hello @J.P_Altamirano,

yes definitely. Upon creating the form you can select what should be set as the task title.

See here for more info: Forms • Asana

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Thanks Andrea! I think we have it set as that option at the moment.
We noticed that all new requests with that specific Form name appear in that same title.

We’re wondering if people can fill-out the Asana form with their own title submission to appear the same way in the new request in Asana?

Hey @J.P_Altamirano

you could set up one specific question for this with text entry and then set this one as task title.
So let‘s say you want them to enter their name, then you have a text field for them to enter their name which you can then set to become the task title.

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