Asana for Salesforce task name set up

I’ve set up via process builder an automated process to create a custom task when an Opportunity is created, but when the task name is set, it always has the name twice like “Sample Opportunity Name Sample Opportunity Name” instead of “Sample Opportunity Name”.

Does anyone know a better or different way to set the task name?


Hi @Sara_Monostra, thanks for reaching out! I believe this is related to the integration you are using to automate the process and create the tasks in Asana, can you confirm which integration you are using for the connection and trigger?

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I’m using the Asana for Salesforce app and I’m using the “Create Custom Asana Task” Apex trigger.

Hello Sara! I have the same exact problem. It’s driving me nuts. Did you ever come up with a solution for this?

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Does anyone have a solution for the double-naming issue?