Asana for gmail - not linked to the workspaces I need


I’d love to use this feature in Gmail - however - when I go to change the workspace in the asana app settings it shows me old workspaces to select from and does not show me the workspaces I am actively using - I am linked to the correct email as well. Any ideas?


Hi @Kevin_Hamill, and sorry for the trouble here.

Let’s see if we can sort this out together! When in the add-on settings (see screenshot below), you’re missing some Organizations attached to your Asana account is that correct?

Two follow-up questions:

  1. Have you tried to scroll down through the list of your spaces?
  2. Is there any chance you might have two Asana accounts?



Thanks for reaching out! I actually figured it out! I was seeing my company as my workspace and I was expecting to be able to see my actual projects in the settings - I realized I was looking at it wrong. I realized my company should be my workspace and I can select my projects from the ‘Project’ selection to make sure it posts to the right place.


Great news @Kevin_Hamill; thanks for keeping us posted!