๐Ÿ“Š Asana for Finance: Save time on your month-end close

Happy Tuesday everyone :wave: Check out this โ€˜How Asana uses Asanaโ€™ video and post on Asana for Finance: Save time with your month-end close :bar_chart:: from our very own Stephanie Chun, Head of Financial Planning.

:orange_book: If you want to learn more about leveraging Asana to optimise your Financial teamโ€™s processes, check out these additional resources:

:arrow_heading_down: Let us know below if you have any other tips for saving time on your month-end close process! :bulb: If you have any questions for Stephanie or other Asana users, feel free to comment below also!


I was just thinking about this!


Las plantillas me parecen una herramienta muy interesante y sobre todo los paneles para dar seguimiento. Ahira bien, tengo la duda sobre como miden el tiempo de cada tarea. Sls