📊 Asana for Finance: Save time on your month-end close

Happy Tuesday everyone :wave: Check out this ‘How Asana uses Asana’ video and post on Asana for Finance: Save time with your month-end close :bar_chart:: from our very own Stephanie Chun, Head of Financial Planning.

:orange_book: If you want to learn more about leveraging Asana to optimise your Financial team’s processes, check out these additional resources:

:arrow_heading_down: Let us know below if you have any other tips for saving time on your month-end close process! :bulb: If you have any questions for Stephanie or other Asana users, feel free to comment below also!


I was just thinking about this!


Las plantillas me parecen una herramienta muy interesante y sobre todo los paneles para dar seguimiento. Ahira bien, tengo la duda sobre como miden el tiempo de cada tarea. Sls

Can you please provide instructions on how to get the due dates to populate based on deadlines relating to business days pre and post month end?

Hi @Casey_Southall , apologies for the delay. Wishing you a happy new year! This article will help you in setting automatic due dates in a template.

Hello. Please direct me to a Month End Close Template. There are only four templates on the Finance Templates page, and none of them are Month End Close and none are a substitute for a Month End Close Template. (I also wish there were a Cost Benefit Analysis Template.) Thank you.

Is there an available template for this? Also, what plan is required to have this type of setup? It doesn’t look like this is available from Starter.

Welcome, @Joshua_Fredericks,

I don’t believe there’s a template available.

Regarding the Starter plan, it offers some but not all features shown in the video. You can check at Asana Pricing | Personal, Starter, Advanced, & Enterprise plans • Asana.