Asana, do you plan to allow formula results to be used as variables in new created advanced formulas?

Greetings! New advamced formula feature is cool. But there’s a problem - if I want to use the result of another formula in a new one - I cannot do this.
So the use case is this:

  1. I have a formula calculating days needed to fulfill the task ( made with advance formula feature, something like like estimated time * risk factor value/Ideal effort value, as example)
  2. Now I want this result (number of days) to be used as a variable to cound the date using AddDate function. It would give me and end date of a task completion (planned)
    But I cannot do that because I cannot use the result of another formula as a variable for a new one.
    are there any ways to use the results of other formulas in calculationr OR is there plans to add this option?

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