Create a more complicated custom formula

Create a more advanced custom formula. Current state = Column (±/) Column. But I’d like to be able to say (Column (±/) Column) (±/) (Column (±/) Column) etc.

The use case is that I’d like to create a weighted calculation across multiple fields. The weights will always stay the same, but essentially, I want:
Input value 1 X “5” + Input value 2 x “4” etc

So I tried to create this in custom formula - it didn’t work. I then tried to create columns that would be “input value 1” AND “weight 1” and then created a custom formula column. Without adding 15 or 20 columns, there is not a good workaround

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Hi @anon7223420,

I’ve moved your post to a thread that’s covering formula custom fields, as Asana has announced in that thread that additional more-advanced formula functionality is coming soon!