Asana Desktop Browser Login Magic Link

I cannot logging to Asana on any any of my Desktop Browsers (Tor and Edge). When I click Login, it switches over to “app login” as if I am on a mobile device. If I enter my login information, I receive an “Asana magic link…” that says I am receiving this because “you requested a login link from a mobile device”

But I haven’t requested a login link from a mobile device. I am simply trying to login through either a Tor browser or Edge.

I’ve been logging in on this same computer, same Tor browser for years with no problems.

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Hi @Garrett_Perez
Welcome to the Asana Community Forum!
I will recommend you to not use the Tor browser for using Asana or to do any personal stuff.
Tor browser is for doing something else not for personal browsing!
I will recommend you to use Google Chrome or Firefox and your issue will be solved!

Hi @Garrett_Perez,

Asana currently don’t support Tor (you can learn about supported browser in this article). If you’re running into the same issue with another supported browser (apart from Edge), please reach out to our support team so we can take a direct look into your account.

Thank you!