Asana desktop app keeps crashing

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
The Asana desktop app keeps crashing. I can’t pinpoint a specific thing that may cause the issue. I can be doing anything (clicking in a task, switching projects, switching to my inbox, etc.) and after about 7-8 clicks or perhaps a certain amount of time it just crashes.

I get the notification below.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m not sure how to reproduce the problem because the crash is apparently caused by something different every time.
I was able to cause the app to crash a few times in a row by spending a bit of time in my Tasks, then switching from the Tasks to a project (any project).

Browser version:
Not applicable - I’m using the desktop app. It’s fully up to date.

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi DoraD. This was happening to me a few days ago, right after an update. The resolution for me was to completely uninstall and reinstall the app on my computer.

See this thread: Desktop App Crashing

Hope that helps you out!


@Wayne_Hedlund1 Thank you for the advice! I’ve listened to it and so far so good - the app’s not crashing. Hopefully this resolved the issue.

Have a great week! :slight_smile:

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I’ll try this. Thanks!

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